• The Jury shall assess contestants’ interpretative and pianistic skills, such as stylistic, competency, accuracy, musicality, expressiveness and artistic aspects of the performance.

• Every member of the jury will listen, assess all participants at each stage of the competition and take part in the Jury deliberations.

• The assessments of the Jury shall be confidential.

• All competitions are judged by the Jury Panel.

• The Jury Panel has the final decision and no correspondence will be entertained. All contestants shall have no right to appeal under any circumstances.

• The order of performances for the semi-finalists and finalist shall be arranged by the Jury Panel and is not subject to appeal by contestant.

• Candidate should not study privately or individually with jury members during or 6 months before the competition. However, candidates have the right to get feedbacks from each jury or participate in masterclass after the competition.

• Jury members this year have included our Artistic Director and non-voting jury member, Steinway Artist Poom Prommachart as well as renowned musicians from various countries.